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Whoa, Chipotle found the ultimate way to serve every food restriction ever

So, you’ve gone vegan/paleo/gluten-free, but you’re craving Chipotle. You shimmy up to that counter and start asking questions. A lot of questions. You become one of those people. “Um, excuse me, do the corn tortillas have gluten?” It’s a legit question because, as our gluten-free friends know, food companies sneak gluten into all kinds of foods without even telling you.

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Well, you’ve been saved from this ordeal because Chipotle just unveiled their new dietary options tool. Behold! You just select your diet and it shows you what ingredients you can and should not eat — with pictures.

paleo chipotle
Image: Chipotle

And then, to make it super-easy to put it all together, they suggest meal ideas for you. Oooh…

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chipotle meal
Image: Chipotle

So, this is pretty much brilliant. Somehow, it’s a million times easier than looking at every single menu item/ingredient and searching for some vegan/whatever icon that tells you if it conforms to your dietary restrictions. Oh hooray, one fewer barrier between you and your Chipotle fix.

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I have only one complaint, and that is: Everyone else, why aren’t you doing this too? Get on it.

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