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We know what you ate in 2016

Here we thought 2016 was the year of the poke bowl. Well, according to the folks at Foursquare, Americans were obsessed with other foods. They took a dive into all their user data to find out where we were eating this year, and there are a few surprises. Were you as into these foods as everyone else?

Hottest cuisines

Sure, we’re still into the usual pizza and burgers. But in January, the hottest growing food in the U.S. was Filipino. Ube halaya anyone? Mediterranean came in a close second.

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Dim sum was also hugely popular, and we can see why. It’s kind of a meal made up of appetizers, which is the tastiest part of a restaurant menu.

We also couldn’t get enough of noodles. People flocked to udon and soba restaurants in 2016. Foursquare predicts 2017 will be the year of the noodle. You’re craving a hot, steamy bowl of ramen now, aren’t you?

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The Beyoncé effect

People flocked to Red Lobster after Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance of “Formation.” Y’all are highly suggestible. They don’t mention hot sauce, but we’re guessing a lot of fans that weren’t carrying before sure are now.

Dessert trend of the summer

Despite all those epic Black Tap milkshakes we saw on Instagram, it was rolled ice cream that brought in the crowds, with new restaurants specializing in the frozen dessert nationwide. People were also obsessed with churros through the summer. In fact, we reached peak churros in August.

The cocktail of the year was frozen

Everyone was obsessed with frozé — rosé wine in all its various frozen forms, from ice pops to shaved ice. Mentions were up this summer by 600 percent.

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We like our coffee flat

And finally, the most talked-about coffee drink wasn’t nitro. It was the flat white, espresso with a bit of hot, foamed milk on top. Also, apparently we switch over from iced to hot coffee around September.

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Image: Foursquare

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