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Our food resolutions for 2017

As much as we hate the cliché, this time of year does kind of put fantasies of fresh starts and new goals into our heads. I say, “Why fight it?” Now is as good a time as any to start doing things differently. So in that spirit, we editors at SheKnows are boldly stating our food resolutions for the new year.

Take tastier backpacking food and eat more fresh produce

“I’m going to be trying to make tastier camp food for backpacking trips,” says community editor and hiker Colleen Stinchcombe. “I’m also trying to eat more vegetables/fresh foods without becoming a crazy purist about it. My husband and I have been doing Blue Apron, which has been helping.”

Get on that meal-planning thing

“Meal-planning is my big food resolution for this year,” says parenting editor Alice Bradley, who adds hopefully that she got an Instant Pot for Christmas this year.

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Get to like oatmeal

“I often resolve to conquer my food dislikes,” says executive editorial director Julie Ross Godar. “I figure if it’s a basic whole food, I should try to appreciate it and save my gross-outs for stuff that’s processed or bad for me. I’ve done it for fennel, watermelon and quinoa. This year will be oatmeal.” She’s looking for savory oatmeal ideas especially.

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Eat breakfast every day

“One of my biggest issues is skipping breakfast,” says Crystal Brown, director of content operations. “I leave for work at 6:30 a.m., which is much too early for me to eat. So my resolution is to plan ahead for breakfast, whether that’s making a smoothie or prepping a breakfast sandwich (or bowl) to take to work with me.”

Eat regular meals, period

Health editor Elizabeth Yuko has a similar goal. “I’m trying to eat regular meals at regular times and not just plow through until 4 p.m. and then eating the ‘deluxe nuts from your desk.'” (For the record, these are mixed nuts sent to us from Aldi and they are for everyone!)

Get out of my rut

As for me, my biggest food goal is more variety for dinner. Because my guys like what they like, we tend to eat the same damn dishes week after week. It makes planning easier, but I am so very sick of mushroom risotto. So one of my goals is to introduce some new dishes to love… which they will then insist I make week after week. Again.

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Start a ladies’ dining club

Also, I have fallen behind in trying the hot new restaurants in town. And I’ve been lousy at keeping in touch with my friends. So my solution is to form a ladies’ dining club, when once a month, I invite anyone who can make it to meet for dinner someplace new.

There we go. We put it all out there. Now who’s going to hold us accountable? And what are your goals? Even if you fail by February, as most people do, you can always start over again in spring. No shame in that game. It’s called resilience. Getting back up when you fall. Yeah. Now let’s all have some oatmeal.

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