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Stop what you are doing and buy this Pyrex 22-piece food storage set now

You know that cabinet full of mismatched plastic food containers you have, the one you’re afraid to open because junk falls out of it every time you do? The stuff you know you shouldn’t microwave but do anyway, because you’re a busy woman? The containers you’d love to replace with nice glassware if only you were a millionaire?

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Well today is your lucky day, because Macy’s is selling a Pyrex 22-piece glass food containers set right now for $35. Did we mention you can put these in the oven? And that they come in different sizes? And that you’re going to bring your lunch to work with dignity from now on? Did we mention how much more attractive leftovers are when you put them in a nice container? Did we mention you get another 15 percent off using the code GIFT?

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Some of you are still not convinced. Your’e feeling like 22 pieces is a lot, and you don’t cook that much. Well, there’s also the 10-piece set for $24.

So yeah. We’re just going to put this here and let you decide what to do.

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