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20 ways to love Frangelico, the hazelnut liqueur we’re obsessed with

We have a little obsession here around the SheKnows offices, and it’s over a liqueur that’s gone overlooked for way too long. Remember that funny monk-shaped bottle in your grandma’s liquor cabinet? It’s Frangelico liqueur, and it’s hazelnut flavored, and it’s our favorite.

We jokingly call it “Grandma’s medicine” because that’s what our hypothetical grandma would have called it. But seriously? It’s so retro, it’s cool. Here’s just a few of the many ways you could work some hazelnut magic into your holiday drinks and eats.

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1. With club soda on ice. This is our mix of choice in the office.

2. With tequila. Sweet Frangelico pairs beautifully with tequila or a smoky mezcal. Try a simple mix of 3 parts tequila with 1 part Frangelico, or check out these hazelnut-infused recipes.

3. With whiskey. The liqueur’s sweetness also makes it a good match for whiskey. I’ve been adding 1/2 an ounce to 1-1/2 ounces of rye in a Sambuca-rinsed glass for a twist on the Sazerac.

4. In your coffee. A bit of Frangelico with some cream and you’ll forget all about Bailey’s.

5. With sparkling wine. The monk makes a nice Champagne cocktail. Add a squeeze of lemon to balance the sweetness.

6. Better than sex. That’s the name of this concoction made with cream, Kahlúa and Grand Mariner.

7. Butter pecan. Mix with vanilla ice cream and pecans, and you’ve got one hell of a boozy, nutty milkshake.

8. Hazelnut martini. All you need is some vodka. We recommend rimming the glass with cocoa powder and crushed hazelnuts.

9. Three-layer chocolate cake. This is basically drinkable Nutella in a shot glass. You’re welcome.

10. Absolut Marocchini martini. Vodka, chocolate bitters and coffee for a hazelnut mocha-flavored martini.

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11. Frangelico cider. Shake with whiskey and apple cider, add a dash of bitters.

12. Hot nun. Why should the monk have all the fun? Combine with honey, cloves, lemon peel and hot water and tell everyone you’re having your special “tea.”

13. Mister Frangelico. Shake with dark rum and almond and rose-infused orgeat syrup.

14. Reindeer tracks. Chocolate vodka, Frangelico, créme de cacao, cream and crushed Oreo cookies? If you insist.

15. M&M’s cocktail. Combine Frangelico just with créme de cacao in a shot glass and it’s supposed to taste just like M&M’s candy. I think we’d better try this one out here at the office right away.

16. Can + nuts. It’s a rum and Coke with hazelnut and cherries. Brilliant.

17. Sunset sour. Bourbon with Frangelico, lemon juice and egg whites — yes to this, though we would skip the original recipe’s simple syrup.

18. Frangelico mudslide. This boozy, chocolaty milkshake is as decadent as it gets. Did we mention it includes Nutella?

19. Eggnog martini. You knew this was coming — of course Frangelico is perfect with eggnog.

20. Neat. Before you try any of these recipes, take a sip or two of Frangelico on its own. That will give you an idea of how you think you’ll like yours. Also, it’s fun.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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