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A very A Christmas Story dinner menu


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Christmas time is almost here, and you know what that means — you’re ready to shoot your eye out, get your tongue stuck to a pole and get your mouth washed out with soap. Or you know, watch other people do that in A Christmas Story.

And what’s a movie without dinner? This menu will help bring your love of A Christmas Story to the next level. You can watch Ralphie, his friends and family live out their holiday hijinks while you dine in style. Who said adulthood had to be all bad?

a christmas story dinner menu
Image: Liz Smith/SheKnows

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1. Red Ryder cocktail

Red Ryder cocktail
Image: Sugar and Soul

Start your meal with this cocktail, made with triple sec, cranberry juice and moscato. It may not shoot your eye out, but you’ll probably start seeing double after your second glass.

2. Homemade Ovaltine

Homemade Ovaltine
Image: Foodie With Family

Not into the hard stuff? Lucky for you, Little Orphan Annie wants you to be sure to drink your Ovaltine this holiday season. Even better? Make it from scratch using this recipe — you’ll totally feel like you’ve cracked the code to taste bud happiness.

3. Mashed potatoes even Randy would eat

mashed potatoes
Image: Jacabo Zanello/Getty Images

Who’s Mommy’s little piggy? We all are if you know how to make your mashed potatoes right.

4. Perfect turkey

Perfect turkey
Image: For the Chef

Next up, it’s everything the holiday meal aspires to be — the perfect burnished bronze turkey complete with all the fixin’s. Just make sure you lock your doors and close your windows in case the neighbor’s dogs catch a whiff of your culinary Christmas masterpiece.

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5. Chinese food

Classic chicken chop suey
Image: Pickled Plum

When all else fails, you can always head out for Chinese food. Or for something even more special, make your own. Serve up some classic 40s-era Chinese-American food like chop suey and chow mein, dish out the egg foo young and be secretly glad that the turkey thing just didn’t work out.

6. Cookies galore

A Christmas Story Cookies
Image: Sugar and Soul

No holiday meal is complete without something sweet! Hop back on the Ovaltine train with these malted chocolate crinkle cookies or whip up a batch of royal icing and decorate these sugar cookies to give your A Christmas Story viewing party some flair.

Either way, you’ll end the night with a full stomach and a smile on your face with visions of a Red Ryder BB gun dancing in your head.

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