Oreo's latest flavor is not even a cookie

Nov 14, 2016 at 11:12 a.m. ET
Image: Oreo

That Oreo — they're always throwing us for a loop. Their latest flavor isn't a flavor at all — it's candy. The new(ish) Milka Oreo Big Crunch Bar is hitting our shelves. They're collaborating with European candy company Milka to create two bars, in fact — the crunch bar and Milka Oreo Chocolate Bar.

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The Big Crunch is an Oreo cookie sandwiched between vanilla crème layers and covered in chocolate. It's kind of a reverse Oreo cookie. And at 10.5 ounces ($5), it lives up to its big name.

It also resembles a much smaller Japanese candy I love called Big Thunder (Amazon, $13/10 pack). If Oreo's is anywhere as good as this bar, I think we're going to love it. Actually, the Oreo candies have been available overseas for a while, but we're finally getting them here.

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big thunder
Image: Amazon.com

The chocolate bar appears to be a chocolate bar with vanilla crème and Oreo cookie filling.

oreo chocolate bar
Image: Oreo

How soon can you get yours? Any day now. The Big Crunch Bar should be arriving at some stores starting today, with more rolling out through the holidays. The Chocolate Candy Bar arrives in January.

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