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McDonald’s made a Nutella burger because we need that

I have something to tell you, and I think you’d better sit down to hear it. Already sitting down? OK, good. McDonald’s just made a Nutella burger. It’s called the Sweet con Nutella.

Now before you get excited, no, it’s not available in the U.S. You can only get it at McCafés in Italy. And no, it’s not made with beef. It’s just a generous schmear of Nutella between two buns.

sweety con nutella
Image: McDonald’s

I know what you’re thinking right now. I can make that! We have the technology. I could go to McDonald’s and order a hamburger without the beef.

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“Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take your order?”

“Yes, I’d like a regular hamburger. But with nothing in it. No beef or toppings.”

“… Ssso, just the buns?”

“Yes. Please.”

“That’s $1.29. Please pull up to the window.”

“Wait! Make that five regular hamburgers with nothing in them.”

I mean, you’re just having one? Please. Have it your way. Sweetie.

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