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Our guide to eating your feelings after the election

Some of you are happy. That’s just suuuuper duper. A lot of us are hurting right now, though. Like, 81 percent of non-white women like me, for example. And yesterday, when I woke up, groggy with grief and shock, all I wanted was to do was dive face-first into a big chocolate cake and wipe my tears away with the frosting.

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liz lemon talk with some food
Image: SAMMPress

Unfortunately, there was no chocolate cake waiting in my apartment.

reese whitherspoon eating chocolate in bed
Image: Tumblr

Not even some doughnuts.

Mindy kaling doughnuts

I made do with what I could find around my apartment… once I dragged myself out of bed.

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eating feelings julianne moore
Image: Dances With Dissonance

So, then I go on Facebook and one of my so-called “friends” is going:

feelings hurt
Image: Tumblr

And I’m like:

eating feelings
Image: Shift Nutrition

You know what? NO. I am not wallowing anymore.

kill bill uma

I gotta get back into fighting shape. Let’s get some bone broth, turmeric and hemp seeds. Let’s have some red meat. This is how I’m eating my feelings now.

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eating steak
Image: Tumblr

Let’s get in formation!

Beyonce formation
Image: Giphy

Maybe you’re not ready to join me yet, but when you are, I am definitely sharing my resilience smoothie with you.

women on the verge of a nervous breakdown
Image: Tumblr

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