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Toblerone shrinkage is what happens when you make a protest vote

You know Toblerone, that comically large bar of chocolate triangles you get from the duty-free shop at the airport? Well, Toblerone just got smaller — or rather, the gaps between the triangles got larger. Mind the gap, har har.

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Before you panic, this is for the British market only. It doesn’t affect us. Yet. But here’s how this shrinkage happened.

  1. The British voted to leave the EU. They kind of didn’t really mean it. It was more of a protest vote. But protest votes count the same as real votes, so too bad.
  2. The British pound declined in value. Commodities like cocoa now cost more.
  3. Mondelez announced they will reduce the size of Toblerone bars by 10 percent, but the price will remain the same. They blamed the rising cost of ingredients.

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And now they have this.

So, I’m just saying. This is what comes of protest voting. Shrinkage. What do you not want to shrink, Americans? Let us choose wisely. That is all.

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