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Let’s talk about Neiman Marcus’ $66 collard greens

Have you seen these $66 collard greens from Neiman Marcus — $66, plus $15.50 for shipping, so really, they’re just over $81.

That’s not all. The retailer is selling a holiday Thanksgiving dinner for $495, which apparently serves eight people. That’s around $62 per person. And no, the meal does not come with a fancy waiter donning white gloves. The meal ships fully cooked and frozen, so yeah, maybe Neiman Marcus is after people who want to go all out for their microwavable dinners. Ordering food from Neiman Marcus makes sense if you really hate cooking large meals… and you have extra money to throw away.

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Obviously, people had a lot to say about this pricey meal.
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Some are worried the collards will soon be on the list of gentrified foods.

Image: Neiman Marcus

I for one think it’s ridiculous to buy a frozen meal meant to serve eight for such a large sum of money, especially when the source of the food is obscure. Neiman Marcus has stated that their food comes from various venders. On the other hand, the food is probably not horrible and if I had the money to spend $66 on collards, who knows what I’d be capable of?

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I think it’s safe to say not many people are impressed by Neiman Marcus’ “gourmet” food. Well, are we wrong to judge those who are willing to pay $495 (plus shipping) for a Thanksgiving meal? I’m pretty sure we’ve all made some purchases we aren’t proud of, and the joke may be on us ’cause those purchases probably weren’t edible.

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