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Turkey trouble? Don’t panic — help is a text message away

Today’s the big day. You know you’ve got this. You’ve got everything planned, and you’re ready. But just in case something goes wrong, who you gonna call? Maybe it’s not who you call — it’s who you text.

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This year you can reach the Butterball Help Line via text — in the manner in which we are accustomed. This means no one will be able to hear your sobs of frustration as you work your way through your culinary crisis.

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For the first time ever, you can use emoji to express your turkey-roasting angst via the hotline number 844-877-3456. That said, we do advise using some descriptive words to get the help you’re really after. Texting is available Nov. 17 through 24.

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And of course, you’re still welcome to call, chat online or email. Turkey Talk is there for you, which is more than we can say for your cousin Ryan, who you know is going to show up empty-handed and watch football the whole time, as usual

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