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How to figure out what to eat when you don’t know what you’re in the mood for

You know that indefinite craving we all get — when you’re hungry for something, but you can’t figure out what? Or you’re trying to decide where to eat out or where to order from, but nothing sounds quite right? Or you’re standing in your kitchen going, “durrr” because what do you want?!?

What do you want
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Well, I think we may have stumbled onto the solution to that problem. It’s a new app they’re calling the “Tinder of food,” and yeah, it’s supposed to connect you to restaurants. But you could totally hack this thing to help you find recipes too. Allow me to introduce you to the Entreé app.

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Basically, the app shows you a bunch of dishes served at restaurants near you, and you swipe right or left depending on what looks good-ish. Over time it learns your preferences and gets better at sending your belly’s desires.

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Here’s the thing, though. You need to prime the pump. Because if you start swiping for the first time right when you’re feeling indecisively hungry, it’s going to go on forever. You’re going to stay just as ravenous and frustrated as ever.

Instead, spend a couple of minutes swiping away right after each meal (so you don’t make yourself hungry) for a few days so the app gets to know your preferences. That way, when you really need that app, it’s ready for you with dishes it knows you’ll want.

And remember, you can use this for cooking inspiration. Maybe you’re planning your meals for the week (because you’re organized like that, ha-ha) and you need ideas. Swipe through Entreé and there’s your inspiration.

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Of course, there is still such a thing as too much inspiration. You go try this out and let us know if it actually helps or if it makes you just as fickle as someone on Tinder trying to find a hookup.

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