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How to throw a junk food feast worthy of the Gilmore Girls  revival

I have been damn near unbearable for my friends to hang out with for the past, oh, six months, because I cannot get over the Gilmore Girls revival. But now that we have the official date marked on our calendars for the revival, it’s time to start planning the viewing party. And I’ve got your menu down.

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Take-out Chinese food


Chinese take-out is a staple for Lorelai and Rory’s movie nights, and they rarely watch anything without a few (read: seven) boxes of sesame chicken between them. So go big, order apps, and be sure to leave everything in its proper boxes because it tastes better directly out of the container.



Remember when Rory tries to make her mom the world’s biggest pizza? *cue a chorus of “awww.”* In case that’s not enough for you, the Gilmore girls order pizza on a number of momentous occasions, from that painfully awkward family movie-date with Dean to when Paris and Rory jet off on spring break together and stay in watching movies. You must order the pizza – you cannot make it. Cooking food is not on brand at all.

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Pop tarts

Image: Y107

In case you’re new here, pop tarts carry some symbolism in this show. When Lorelai bit into her first pop tart, it tasted like “freedom, rebellion, and independence.” So make sure to crack open a box and commiserate with Lorelai on her Friday night dinners (which honestly, they had better have.)

Candy sushi

Image: Spoon University

When Rory cancels her Asia trip with prep star Logan, Lorelai cheers her up (albeit briefly, because…you know) by creating Asia in their living room. This of course involves candy sushi. They agree their favorite is oreo red hot sashimi, which I can only imagine involves oreos, red hots, and…something else? Anyway, stock up on the candy aisle, and make sure you get Swedish fish and rice krispies for your sushi bar.

Pumpkin pie


Gilmore Girls is so quintessentially fall, you need pumpkin pie. Anyway, pie as a whole is just so Lorelai, so this isn’t a course to skip. Don’t worry, you don’t need to make it (unless you want to be a stand-in Sookie), just go pick up a good one from the nearest store, light a spiced candle, and watch the fall foliage. Side note: it should not be difficult to obtain said pie, since the revival falls on the day after Thanksgiving.

Cold Beer


For the Lukelai shippers out there, their first movie night together is KIND OF like their first date, and they drink bottles of cold beer together. Or, if you’re less sentimental, remember when Lorelai takes Jess’ beer away from him?

And there you have your menu. Just remember, you have to get situated beforehand (you can’t squish around while you watch) and under no circumstances make spaghetti and meatballs, because you don’t want any fighting.

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