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We found all the good dark chocolate Halloween candies for you


SheKnows Editorial

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to overload on candy. But you can skip the wimpy stuff — we’ve rounded up the richest, most decadent dark chocolate candies and some dark chocolate makeovers of your classic Halloween favorites. You can tell yourself it’s “healthier” because of all those extra “antioxidants.” But between us? I think we know it’s all about tasting the dark side.

1. Kit Kat Halloween Darkness

Dark Chocolate kitkats
Image: Google Express

Classic Kit Kats get a dark chocolate makeover in this bag of snack-size Halloween candies. (Google Express, $3)

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2. Dark chocolate pumpkin truffles

Dark chocolate pumpkin truffles
Image: Moonstruck Chocolate

Gourmet dark chocolate-pumpkin spice truffles are decorated like pumpkins. (Moonstruck Chocolate, $55)

3. Dark chocolate spider truffles

Dark chocolate spider truffles
Image: Moonstruck Chocolate

Decorated with orange spiders, these extra-dark chocolate truffles are a must-try. (Moonstruck Chocolate, $50)

4. Fair Trade dark chocolate minis

Equal Exchange Fair Trade dark chocolates
Image: Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange fair trade dark chocolates are a fun and ethical Halloween treat. (Equal Exchange, $30)

5. Pure dark chocolate skull

Pure dark chocolate skull
Image: Dean & Deluca

Make a big impression with this 70 percent dark chocolate skull. (Dean & Deluca, $25)

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6. Silver gianduja skulls

Silver gianduja dark chocolate skills
Image: Dean & Deluca

Silver-dusted dark chocolate skulls filled with a cream made from hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and almonds are an elegant Halloween treat. (Dean & Deluca, $12)

7. Dark chocolate graham book of spells

Dark chocolate graham cracker book of spells
Image: Harry & David

Graham crackers coated in dark chocolate and delivered in a fun book of spells container make for a spookily delicious Halloween gift. (Harry & David, $30)

8. Dark chocolate Reese’s Miniatures

Dark chocolate Reese's miniatures
Image: Walmart

Dark chocolate is the only way I can think of improving Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures. (Walmart, $4)

9. Dove Dark Chocolate Pumpkins

Dove dark chocolate pumpkins
Image: Google Express

Smooth and creamy dark chocolate pumpkins are a Halloween candy even grown-ups will love. (Google Express, $4)

10. Dark chocolate coffin box

Dark chocolate truffles in a coffin box
Image: Williams-Sonoma

Dark chocolate skull truffles paired with seasonal flavors make for a gourmet Halloween. (Williams-Sonoma, $42)

11. Justin’s Halloween Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Justin's Halloween dark chocolate peanut butter cups
Image: Google Express

Organic and vegan, these dark chocolate Halloween peanut butter cups are a delight for everyone. (Google Express, $10)

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