Your lowbrow guide to what to drink with Halloween candy

Oct 2, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Put your pinkies in the air, folks, because your Halloween candy snack session is about to get a whole lot fancier.

You've seen wine pairings, beer pairings, chocolate pairings and cheese pairings, so why not Halloween candy pairings?

Don a smoking jacket and silk cravat or your finest bustled skirt and lace collar, because shit's going to get super fancy this Halloween.

1. SweeTarts and Four Loko

SweeTarts live up to their name, and though many don't realize it, Four Loko itself has a relatively balanced sweet-and-sour flavor palate. The effervescence of the Four Loko helps offset the chalkiness of the SweeTarts.

2. Milky Way Midnight and Kahlúa

Rich dark chocolate and creamy nougat beg for a pairing that can stand up to both flavor and texture. The bracing, roasted coffee bite of Kahlúa, along with its syrupy mouthfeel, will definitely do the trick.

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3. Sour Patch Kids and Boone's Farm

The tongue-tingling bite of the Sour Patch Kid is best paired with an assertive sweetness. Try matching the fruity flavor of the gummies with that of a flavored wine cooler. The sweetness of Boone's Farm Blue Hawaiian is the perfect balance to the tartness of the Sour Patch Kids.

4. PayDay and cheap beer

I've always thought that super-cheap beer (think Natural Light) kind of tasted like sweet and salty peanuts, so what the hell? Pair a PayDay bar with a can or two of the cheap stuff (decanted into stemware, of course), and enjoy a match made in heaven.

5. Lemon Heads and vodka tonic

For an intriguing pairing, combine Lemon Heads with a vodka tonic. But instead of enjoying them separately, drop the Lemon Heads into the cocktail itself, where they'll imbue your drink with a refreshingly citrusy taste.

6. Black licorice and Bacardi 151

A high-proof beverage is the perfect accompaniment to black licorice — you'll get drunk faster and won't realize how terrible the candy you're eating actually is.

7. Frozen Mudslide and cinnamon Jolly Ranchers

The creamy, frosty chocolate of your Mudslide will help calm the fire of the super-cinnamon flavor of the Jolly Ranchers.

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8. Candy corn and Buttershots

Candy corn has an almost creamy flavor that pairs well with the sweet and slightly salty flavor of Buttershots. Your guests will be impressed by such an elegant pairing — try serving the Buttershots in Champagne coupes rimmed with pulverized candy corn.

9. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a coffee porter

A rich and robust coffee porter is one of the only drinks that can stand up to thick, sweet peanut butter. Take a bite of your Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, then wash it down with a swig — er, dainty sip — of coffee porter. Food and drink pairings don't get more elegant than this.

10. Root beer barrels and spiced rum

If you're unlucky enough to find root beer barrels in your kid's treat bag, never fear — their sweetly herbal, cola-tinged flavor pair perfectly with spiced rum. Slowly sip a shot of rum while you suck on the root beer barrel for true flavor synergy.

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