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Starbucks’ National Coffee Day giveaway is unlike any other


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If you’re like me, most mornings, you use that first hot cup of coffee to fuel your way through a day’s worth of challenges.

But there are a lot of challenges facing the global coffee industry these days too, with everything from global warming and botanical diseases to political upheaval and land disputes affecting how and where coffee can be successfully grown.

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That’s why this National Coffee Day, Sept. 29, Starbucks is doing their part to help at least one major coffee-producing region to battle a disease called “coffee rust.”

Coffee rust is a fungus that’s attacking coffee trees in Latin America. This year, Starbucks has launched an initiative to plant a new, rust-free coffee tree for every bag of coffee they sell. For National Coffee Day, they’re expanding their pledge in a big way. For every brewed cup of Mexican Chiapas coffee purchased at their stores in the U.S. and Mexico, they’ll donate one rust-free, rust-resistant tree to farmers in Chiapas.

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Starbucks coffee tree giveaway chaipas
Image: Starbucks

The company hopes to donate 20 million trees by the end of the year, and so far, has donated enough money in 2016 to support the planting of 18 million. They’re hoping this National Coffee Day promo will help them meet or even surpass their goal.

It’s important to understand how our consumption of certain products affects the people who grow them and the land they’re grown on. I think this National Coffee Day, we’re doing all coffee lovers and coffee growers a favor by ordering a cup of Mexican Chiapas coffee at Starbucks. It’s an easy way to support an industry that literally supports me every morning as I crawl out of bed, open my laptop and get ready to start writing with a hot cup o’ joe in my hand — the least I can do is make a coffee purchase that will actually give back to the people who make my morning ritual possible.

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