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Finally, McDonald’s expands its menu and gives us a real all-day breakfast


SheKnows Editorial

McDonald’s finally rolled out all-day breakfast about a year ago, much to the delight of hash brown aficionados (yours truly) the world over.

But though that crispy, golden rectangle of potato perfection has been available at all the restaurants I’ve visited since they instated the menu, apparently it was available only at certain locations. A true and utter travesty, if you ask me.

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Confusingly, McDonald’s also made it so that each restaurant served either McMuffins or biscuit sandwiches, but not both.

Can you imagine being one of the biscuit stores? Maybe I’m biased, but it would feel like a breakfast-ham slap to the face to finally try to order a McMuffin at 10:31 a.m. only to be told, “Sorry, kid, biscuit sandwiches only.” The horror!

Luckily the chain is finally rectifying the situation. As of today, both McMuffins and biscuit sandwiches will be available at all McDonald’s stores on the all-day breakfast menu. Finally, millions of McMuffin fans (and like, four biscuit sandwich fans) will be able to order their meal of choice all day long, regardless of location.

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And that’s not all. McDonald’s is adding McGriddles sandwiches (eggs, cheese and meat between two slightly sweet griddle cakes) to its menu. It’s also adding hotcakes, sausage burritos, fruit and maple oatmeal and fruit and yogurt parfait.

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