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Now you can create the LaCroix of your wildest dreams

Ever gaze upon the multitudes of LaCroix flavors at your local Whole Foods and think, “I love all these options, but what I’m really craving is peanut butter and banana sandwich!”

Well, guess what. Now you can make that flavor! At least digitally. They’ve gone and made a “Make My LaCroix” tool online where you can customize your own flavor and design. I think maybe it’s a passive-aggressive way of suggesting new flavors. Call me crazy, but I wonder daily why there is no dragon fruit LaCroix.

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dragon fruit la croix

And what about radicchio — just in time for fall!

radicchio la croix
Image: LaCroix

But you don’t have to limit yourself to actual food flavors. Check out my favorite flavors created by other people.

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The best one:

I leave you now to do your best work of the day. Enjoy!

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