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Smartypie shakes: A no-cook overnight oats smoothie that tastes like pie

We’re about 2 degrees north of the absolute best moment of the entire year: the kickoff of pie season! If I could pull it off, I’d be eating pie three meals a day: pie lattes, pie shakes, pie-stuffed pie, roasted pie with a fricassee of morels and herbs, dauphinoise potatoes and pie sauce.

While I resist my urges in order to remain a good example for my children and stave off premature death, I have found an easy (and healthy!) hack to satisfy my pie cravings at all hours of the day — by hacking the health blog classic overnight oats and creating something I like to call a “smartypie shake” (a normal pie shake is a milkshake with a slab of pie puréed into it, which is as amazing and death-defying as it sounds).

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The key to a successful breakfast smartypie shake is to not make your usual sad, gummy oatmeal that has just a bit of pie flavor. It’s to create a smooth, delicious, pie-like delicacy that just so happens to have some oatmeal in it. Thicker than a breakfast shake, thinner than a bowl of oatmeal, a smartypie shake will give you the same flavors that make your favorite autumn pies irresistible, but without one week’s recommended allowance of butter and sugar.

Best part? It’s so easy it doesn’t even require a recipe, just a formula.

overnight pie oats
Image: Liz Smith/SheKnows


  • 1 part uncooked steel-cut oats
  • 1 part base (carrot cake butter, canned pumpkin, applesauce, etc.)
  • 2 parts liquid (whole milk, almond milk, apple cider, etc.)
  • Sweetener and flavoring, to taste


  1. In a bowl or pitcher, stir together your ingredients.
  2. Let soak overnight in the refrigerator.
  3. Eat in the morning — and the next and the next if you’ve made an extra-large batch.

I strongly suggest using steel-cut oats, which are little nuggets of crunchy goodness. They will make the breakfast pie shake taste like it’s got bits of crumbled-up oatmeal cookie crust in it. You can use flat rolled oats, of course, but then it will taste like regular ol’ pasty oatmeal, and it will be harder to pretend that you’re downing liquid pie.

overnight pie oats
Image: Becci Collins/SheKnows

Using this chart, you can make either a single serving or a huge jar to last you the entire week. Here are a few possible combinations:

  • Apple pie shake: Oats + applesauce + whole milk + brown sugar + pie spice
  • Sweet potato pie shake: Oats + mashed sweet potato + orange juice + molasses + ginger

You can go even crazier and start mixing and matching items in the same column like the sassy breakfast renegade you are!

  • Pumpkin cheesecake pie shake: Oats + half ricotta/half pumpkin + whole milk + maple syrup + pie spice
  • Carrot cake shake: Oats + carrot butter + half apple cider/half almond milk + brown sugar + chopped nuts + spices

Have a combination you love or ideas for great combinations we haven’t thought of? Let us know in the comments!

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