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Mosaic sushi is so freakin’ gorgeous we wonder how anyone eats it


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From sushi burgers to sushi burritos, our favorite raw fish dish has undergone quite a makeover from its austere roots. But mosaic sushi — the mind-bogglingly beautiful new trend — might be the best yet.

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I think what makes mosaic sushi so lovely is the fact that it’s really showcasing the ingredients, not trying to make them appear to be something else. The order of mosaics also seems totally in keeping with the intended simplicity of the best sushi — it’s totally gorgeous, yes, but there’s a geometry to it too.

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There are mosaic sushi rolls too. They’re just as pretty but seem like they would be a whole lot more complicated to make. I might take 15 extra minutes to arrange my sushi into a cute checkered pattern, but figuring out how to roll one of these bad boys is best left to a pro, methinks.

And I know what I said about austere simplicity before, but TBH, this whimsical take on mosaic sushi is probably my favorite.

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mosaic sushi
Image: Gourmeticeblog/Instagram design by Liz Smith/SheKnows

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