Don't panic yet, but our Easter Peeps are in danger

Sep 9, 2016 at 12:06 p.m. ET

Easter is usually a warm and fuzzy time of year, but apparently, things aren't so peaceful at the Just Born Quality Confections plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which manufactures Peeps.

Apparently, around 400 union employees there went on strike over failed contract negotiations. And this is the time of year when they are working on churning out their orders for Easter.

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Now, an Easter without Peeps would be a sad thing, indeed. What sugar-encrusted, fluffy confection would ever be able to take their place? But at the same time, the workers are fighting against some seriously downer changes to their contracts — the elimination of pensions, a reduction in pay increases, and an increase in how much employees have to pay for health care.

So, yeah, I can see why they're not too happy. Especially since Peeps have gone from an Easter-only treat to a year-round seasonal confection, they must be actually working more. Like, there is a Maple Brown Sugar Peeps flavor for fall, so it's not like they're only working for Easter anymore.

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I truly hope that the workers get what they deserve. But in the meantime, I am kind of freaking out over the idea of an Easter without Peeps. I mean, we could (gulp) make our own Peeps. Or we could always just buy some of last year's surplus from eBay, but have you ever tasted a stale Peep? I did once and I swear, it almost turned me off marshmallows for good.

Le sigh. Here's hoping The Man doesn't end up putting the kibosh on our favorite Easter candy by not paying workers fairly. Until it's resolved, I'll be over here trying to figure out how to create tiny sculptures of baby chickens out of a bag of mini 'mallows and a bowl of sugar.

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