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This cauliflower rice news is major and yes, we mean the vegetable

I was completely stunned when I found out how Trader Joe’s sells its beloved frozen cauliflower rice. For those not already acquainted with this cult product, cauliflower rice is simply the florets minced tiny so it resembles rice — or cooked quinoa, I think. At any rate, demand was so high for the stuff they actually had to start rationing it.

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One store employee told me that they had to limit shoppers to only four bags at a time. Otherwise, people would hoard the stuff and they would run out almost the minute the put the bags out in the freezer section. In fact, the store wasn’t even stocking cauliflower rice in the freezer section. You had to ask an employee to retrieve it from the stockroom. Because apparently, we can’t control ourselves around cauliflower rice. (It’s also been available at Wegmans.)

Let me remind you of something important. We are talking about cauliflower. The vegetable.

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Anyway, supply may be slowly but surely catching up to demand. You need special equipment to do all that veggie ricing, and that requires additional capital investment, which requires planning… oh, blah blah blah. The point is Green Giant is producing cauliflower rice so the masses can enjoy it without the hassle. It should be available in stores nationwide toward the end of September.

Green Giant isn’t the only one jumping on the trend, either. Online grocery retailer FreshDirect just introduced store-brand cauliflower rice at $5 for a 10-ounce tub this month. There are probably others — keep your eyes peeled. I have just one question, though. Will we still want cauliflower rice once everyone has access to cauliflower rice?

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