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Whimsical Gene Wilder tribute burger is sending us over the rainbow


SheKnows Editorial

Rainbow food finally has a greater purpose in life than just looking cool as hell. At Bar Luca in Sydney, Australia, they’re serving up a colorful new burger during a “Wonka Week” in honor of Gene Wilder.

Wilder obviously had a colorful sense of humor, but also, his favorite song was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” so this multicolored burger is a fitting tribute.

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It’s called the Beauregard Burger and features a haphazard ingredient list that sounds as whimsical as it does tasty. There’s the gloriously colorful rainbow milk bun, then tomato soup jelly, a beef patty, fried potatoes, popping cheese (like, Pop Rocks are in the cheese), blueberry-onion jam (I guess they were out of snozzberries) and Wonka sauce.

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They’re even doing a golden ticket promo — they’ll be hiding 16 tickets inside the burgers that can be won, and one of them will bestow free burgers for a year on the lucky winner. That’s almost better than winning the burden of filling out a lifetime’s worth of workers’ comp paperwork for the employees in your death trap of a chocolate factory! I’m sure a cheeseburger is sounding pretty good to Charlie right about now…

Gene Wilder was an irreverent comedian who brought so much joy to the world. It may seem like a small gesture, but if a goofy burger promotion from a bar in Australia can put a smile on even one person’s face, I think it’s a fitting tribute to the man who played Wonka.

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