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10 gluten-free after-school snacks you may want to steal from your kids

School is definitely back in session, and instead of serving up plain old apples and carrots for your gluten-free kiddo, try one of these fun and innovative recipes that not only taste good but are easy to make and healthier too.

Sidenote: These recipes aren’t just for kids, so feel free to eat them all with your hands. No judgment.

gluten-free afterschool snacks
Image: MelissaAnneGalleries/Getty Images

1. Fruity froyo cups

These little rainbow treats are good anytime of the day, as there are only two ingredients.

First, pick your favorite yogurt, then spoon the yogurt into little silicone cupcake cups (silicone is much easier to un-mold after freezing). Then top with fresh fruit, freeze, and enjoy.

2. 3-ingredient cereal bars

These easy-to-make cereal bars are perfect for a breakfast on the go or a sweet afternoon snack. No marshmallows involved.

Combine gluten-free O cereal with your favorite melted nut butter (or sesame seed butter/tahini) and maple syrup until the cereal is evenly coated. Pour into a lined baking tray, and refrigerate for about 30 minutes or until firm.

3. Apple cookies

No oven required. These quick and easy apple “cookies” are sure to satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth — or anyone’s, for that matter.

Cut apples into quarter-inch rounds, and top with nut butter and mini chocolate chips. Done! Fruity, sweet and salty — the perfect combination.

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4. Quinoa-peanut butter snack balls

These protein-packed power bites will help anyone of any age push through that midafternoon slump and are the perfect way to use up leftover quinoa.

5. Sweet potato toast

While avocado toast has taken the world by storm, how about trying this sweeter version that’s totally gluten-free?

Cut a sweet potato into quarter-inch slices, run each slice through the toaster twice, then add as many toppings as your heart desires. Some of our favorites are nut butter with bananas and cinnamon, avocado (obviously) with salt and pepper, and tuna fish with red onions.

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6. Baked cauli-tots

Better because of cheese, these cauliflower tots are sure to be a hit as both a snack and a side dish. Just make sure to use gluten-free ketchup.

7. Pizza zucchini

Using a veggie instead of bread, these little bites will satisfy anyone’s pizza cravings in a big way.

Clean and cut zucchini into quarter-inch circles, top with marinara sauce and shredded cheese, and pop them into the oven until the cheese is golden and melted.

8. Corn dog muffins

This healthified version of a classic corn dog is not only gluten-free but Paleo and dairy-free as well. These are perfect as a snack or even a meal for those picky eaters, and no one will know there’s actually no cornbread involved.

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9. Chocolate-covered frozen bananas

Another snack you can make ahead of time, these frozen treats are perfect to curb an ice cream craving or to cool you down in the late-summer heat.

Cut bananas in half or in quarters, dip in melted chocolate, and top with crushed nuts, shredded coconut, sprinkles or other toppings of your choice. Then freeze until the chocolate has hardened. For a frozen banana ice pop, insert an ice pop stick or skewer into half of the banana before dipping it into the chocolate.

10. Peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie dough bites

With only eight minutes of prep time, these gooey, chocolaty, peanut buttery bites need no explanation.

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