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This is what salad for breakfast looks like, and we’d totally eat that

Breakfast salad. You read those words, and it might give you the sads — especially if it’s a salad built from leftovers. But before you consign this idea to the pile of words you wish you’d never read, look at food stylist Lee Tilghman’s version:

Right? Everyone’s “clean out the fridge” leftovers should look so good. But what takes this into breakfast land is the egg, of course. If we can have breakfast for dinner, why not dinner foods for breakfast? This is kind of better than leftover cold pizza for breakfast.

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Here’s another one of Tilghman’s breakfast salads:

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What do you think? Is this your new favorite breakfast idea, or are you rolling your eyes at the idea that someone’s found a new time of the day to eat lettuce? Considering how granola is basically dessert (thanks to all the sugar hiding in pretty much every brand out there), maybe there’s something to this. After all, it’s kind of like a green smoothie, just less trouble, and with an egg on it — which in my book makes it better.

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