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Starbucks is trying to lure us for brunch with some of our favorites

Officially today, Starbucks is all about the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Chile Mocha and its new dark chocolate-caramelized banana oatmeal. But unofficially? Looks like it’s planning an invasion into brunch territory. According to the blog Starbucks Melody, testing of brunch menu items is underway in 78 Starbucks locations in the Portland and Seattle areas.

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So what’s on the menu? Belgian waffles with blueberries, quiche, baked French toast and… Where’s the eggs Benedict? Did someone forget something? Also, I see no mention of mimosas. Oh dear. Without eggs Benedict and a liquor license for mimosas, I really don’t see how this brunch at Starbucks idea is supposed to take off.

And isn’t brunch kind of more a social gathering as much as a meal? You’re supposed to linger over a table with your friends, gossiping over the bacon. The only people lingering at Starbucks are people with laptops nursing their lattes for as long as possible. And they’re not so much lingering as camping out.

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So I think Starbucks needs to do more than offer waffles if it wants brunch to happen — even though those waffles look pretty decent. Otherwise, brunch is kind of more that piece of quiche you pick up with your coffee around noon on the way to the park. Also, what I just described is kind of not a meal. But people will probably buy and eat it, so maybe Starbucks is actually trying to redefine brunch?

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