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KFC’s fried chicken-scented sunscreen: We can do so much better


SheKnows Editorial

Somewhat repulsively, KFC just released an Extra Crispy Fried Chicken-scented sunscreen. Now, after eating greasy fast food chicken, my No. 1 priority is purging the scent from my clothes, hair and home, but apparently I’m alone — KFC gave out 3,000 tubes of the sunscreen in the first two hours of their promotion, and are now sold out.

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So, OK, we want to smell like food. But instead of making yourself smell like a combination of old deep-fryer oil and a slightly-singed blend of 11 herbs and spices, why not choose one of these foods?

A bowl of lemons: Fresh, citrusy, summery

Freshly baked cookies: Comforting, sweet, cozy

Fragrant herbs: Energizing, unisex, verdant

Homemade cherry pie: Sweet, fruity, alluring

Warm brownies: Chocolaty!

Chilled sauvignon blanc: Citrusy, peppery, refreshing

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Mango sorbet: Tropical, fruity, relaxing

KFC coleslaw: Honestly, if you had to choose one item from their menu, it should be this. Lightly sweet with undertones of greenery, it’ll certainly make you smell a lot fresher than a bucket of chicken.

People of the world, we can do better. The next time you decide to pick up a bottle of sunscreen that, according to reviewers, actually smells like “urine or a baby’s diaper” (yum?), just think of the other aromatic possibilities lurking within your refrigerator.

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