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We found the Poké Ball cake you’ve been looking for


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I recently spread white frosting on a chocolate cake and was very smug about the lack of crumbs on the surface of the cake when I was done. Then I saw this incredible Poké Ball cake, and my undeserved baking ego crawled back into the hole where it belongs.

Created by Yolanda over at How to Cake It, this chocolate Pokémon Poké Ball cake is pretty mind-blowing. It’s a dead replica of the Poké Ball, which Yolanda said she chose to represent the new Pokémon GO game “because it was such a precise and geometric icon from the game.”

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Creating a spherical cake is mind-blowing in and of itself. But Yo has a few tricks. “I find it helpful to trim a little sliver off of the bottom of the cake to create a flat surface,” so the cake doesn’t roll around, Yolanda told us. But with the Poké Ball cake, she kept it a perfect sphere, and then gravity took care of the rest. “Once you place the second half of the sphere cake on top of the bottom cake, the weight does press down somewhat, keeping the Poké Ball in place,” she explained.

The amazing fondant work is particularly impressive. Personally, I’m scared shitless of fondant — I tried using it once, and the results were less than spectacular (it basically looked like what would happen if a sugar-high toddler got their hands on some rolled-out modeling clay and then decided to destroy everything in their path). But as usual, Yolanda has some good advice. “All you can do is try! What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen? Start simple. Make a cake for a friend or family member, where it’s low pressure. The more you work with fondant, the more comfortable you’ll get with it.”

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I guess I’ll have to try again. Anyone with an upcoming birthday want to let me give it a try on their cake? No? Hmm… Moving on.

Funnily enough, Yolando told us she doesn’t really play Pokémon GO. “I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so the ‘GO’ part of Pokémon GO makes it hard for me to play,” she said. I think that makes her cake even more impressive — and if the world had more expert cake makers and fewer Pokémon GO players, what a tasty, tasty world it could be!

Check out her how-to video below. And if you’re feeling like a real Pokémon master, maybe you can give the tutorial a try.

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