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Amazon is letting users order food directly from its cooking shows


SheKnows Editorial

Amazon is known for innovation, and their latest venture is definitely no exception.

They’re releasing a comedy cooking show this fall on Amazon Prime in Japan. The show will feature food from different regions of Japan, beginning with Hokkaido. But the crazy part (though comedy + cooking is kind of a funny pairing to begin with) is that viewers will be able to use one-click ordering to have the food featured on the show delivered to them.

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Now, this all sounds delicious, but it made me wonder… could this lead to a huge breakthrough in how we interact with the food we see on television?

Like, imagine if, while watching a commercial for Taco Bell’s latest cheese-bomb monstrosity, you could just hit a button on your remote and have that very item delivered to your home. It has incredible marketing potential.

More deliciously, what if you could order delivery of the foods being made on your favorite cooking shows? Or any show, really? I am super excited by the possibility because who wouldn’t want to order food from:

Giada at Home: This show could get a lot more deliciously literal. I’d love it if I could just get some campanelle pasta salad and biscotti delivered to my house at the touch of a button.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: I mean, have you seen the insane cheese stretch on their pizzas? #goals

Chopped: OK, maybe this is a stretch, but, like, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to get a three-course meal of the winning dishes from each round of a course on Chopped? Sure, sometimes it would be a terrible meal (even the winners can be losers on Chopped, depending on the basket), but it’d be more exciting than ordering a Greek salad for lunch for the thousandth time.

Golden Girls: Cheesecake.

Gilmore Girls: Pizza, burgers, coffee, pancakes, Chinese food — Gilmore Girls is practically a food delivery service’s wet dream.

The Great British Baking Show: I want to taste a “perfect sponge,” dammit.

Chef’s Table: Who needs reservations when you could just get some of the fancy-ass food shown on Chef’s Table delivered to your door?

Barefoot Contessa: Finally, you can pretend that you’ve been invited to the Hamptons for one of Ina’s fabulous dinner parties.

Scandal: Hello, wine delivery.

Sex and the City: From bizarre theme restaurants to trendy fad bars, I’d love to be served up the hilarious ’90s food and cocktails (tartinis, anyone?) that Carrie & Co. enjoy on the show.

It could be fantastic. It could be a flop. But I’m on pins and needles just waiting to see if instant television food delivery is going to be a thing here in the good old U.S. A.

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