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7-Eleven’s BYO Cup Day is back again for 2 days to test your creativity


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7-Eleven is going crazy with its 50th birthday celebration. For a second time this year, it’s bringing back Bring Your Own Cup Day… for two days in a row!

It couldn’t come at a better time. It’s been so hot lately that consuming anything that isn’t a frozen beverage is totally unappealing (and forget actually turning on the oven), so loading up on a jumbo Slurpee sounds pretty good to me.

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On Aug. 19 and 20 (that’s Friday and Saturday), from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., you can bring your own container and fill up on that frozen treasure that is the Slurpee for just $1.50. Don’t go crazy, though. The container has to fit through the 10-inch cutout at your 7-Eleven store. So leave that birthing tub at home.

You can try their new flavor, Sour Patch Redberry, or go with a classic (it’s hard to beat blue raspberry!). And once you actually fill up, you can send a snap to all your friends with a special Snapchat geofilter you can access at the store. Because the only thing better than getting a huge Slurpee for just $1.50 is bragging to all your friends about it. Plus, using social media on a sugar high is always a good idea. These people had no qualms sharing their insane BYO Cup Day choices last time the promo rolled around:

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This is likely the last BYO Cup event at 7-Eleven for the year, so take advantage of it while you can. And maybe stock up on frozen Slurpee goodness while you’re there — this summer heat doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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