Julia Child is still the best celeb chef who ever lived, so say we all

Aug 16, 2016 at 10:50 a.m. ET
Image: Bachrach/Getty Images

It's Julia Child's birthday! Julia was the original TV celeb chef, and the woman who taught generations how to cook. Who had as much fun in the kitchen as she did? No one, that's who. This is how I like to remember her — shimmying in front of rack with her pal Jacques Pepin.

Go Julia, go Julia, go Julia...

Julia does the shimmy
Image: Spoon University

Now make that turkey do the shimmy. Everybody dance now!

Julia's chicken does the shimmy
Image: Giphy

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Julia made no bones about tasting as you go.

Julia nibbles
Image: Buzzfeed

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This is Ms. Child granting us all permission to lick the cake batter spoon forever and ever.

Julia licking the spoon
Image: Coffee and a Blank Page

It wasn't all fun and games in the kitchen, though. Julia Child had some mad knife skills. Watch this blade work. Oh man, some people watch the Olympic Games. I like watching her chop.

Julia's knife skills
Image: Spoon University

Remember when Meryl Streep did Julia? This was her best line.

Meryl does Julia
Image: Intestinal Bookworms

Decades earlier Dan Aykroyd did Julia in this classic SNL sketch.

Dan does Julia
Image: NBCSNL/Tumblr

But let us all remember what it's all about:

bon appetit
Image: Tumblr

Bon appétit, Julia, wherever you are! We still love you.

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