Swedish Fish-flavored Oreos — are you just trolling us?

Aug 11, 2016 at 10:45 a.m. ET
Image: Oreo

OK, Oreo. You got us. We were with you for so many flavors. You nailed it with the chocolate chip cookie. The fruity crisp? Genius. S'mores? Absolutely. We're even accepting your pumpkin spice because... might as well. But the new Swedish Fish Oreos are giving us major jaw drop. What are you doing?

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Swedish fish aren't even a candy people enjoy eating. The whole appeal is the fish shape. Like, ha-ha, it's candy, but it's in the shape of something so not candy. Awww, fish, how cute. Someone give me some nostalg-acid, because I had these as a kid, etc. Take the fish away from the Swedish Fish and you're just left with a big red ball of wax, taste-wise.

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Why they think that belongs between two chocolate cookies is beyond me, but I'll hazard a few guesses.

  • Someone at the Oreo Flavor Idea Factory is baked as hell.
  • Oreo is trolling us just for their own internal amusement.
  • Oreo is trying to push the culinary envelop and engage in flavors we never thought possible. Bwa-ha-ha. Just kidding about that one.
  • Oreo is doing this just for the publicity, which is... awww, dang, it worked! You guys got me! Durr.

Anyway, I suppose I might as well tell you we hear they're being sold exclusively at Kroger. Not near one? Just buy some real Swedish Fish, scrape out the cream filling from original Oreos and sandwich the fish candy in there because it couldn't possibly get any worse than that.

I'll end by expressing my 100th request for Nutella-flavored Oreos. How many times do I have to ask? Honestly.

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