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M&M’s are proving that butterbeer is the new pumpkin spice


SheKnows Editorial

This fall, M&M is taking a page out of Harry Potter’s book (no pun intended) and tempting us to pass up pumpkin spice for something different altogether.

Their latest flavor? White BOO-terscotch, a white chocolate and butterscotch candy-coated M&M that’s here to usher in the fall.

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It’s basically the same flavor profile as butterbeer from the Harry Potter series — a sweet, buttery flavor that warms you from the inside out, whether in fictional liquid or literal candy form.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a total pumpkin spice fangirl. But the thing is, I love all fall flavors. It’s probably because I grew up in New England (best fall ever) and now I live outside of Los Angeles (100-plus degrees every day through November, basically) — fall-flavored foods are the only thing that make me feel like the season is actually changing. So I’m excited to see that companies are broadening their autumnal offerings, and the butterscotch trend is one I can totally get behind.

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The White BOO-terscotch M&M’s are currently being sold at M&M’s World stores, but soon Target will be selling them too, meaning you’ll be able to get it (in mass quantities if you’re anything like me) all around the country.

And if you’re not a huge fan of butterscotch, not to worry. M&M’s has pecan pie- and candy corn-flavored candies this year too.

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