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Easy hacks for keeping ice cream and ice pops from dripping all over you


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Ice cream cones, ice cream bars and ice pops are the treats that make hot and humid summer days a total piece of cake. But getting lime-green ice pop juice drips on your fancy new white shorts can take just a little joy out of your favorite warm-weather indulgence. Or, like, a lot.

Luckily you don’t have to walk around covered in drips and drops like some sort of melted ice cream monster just because the sun is bright in the sky. These tips will keep you (and your kiddos) fresh and clean, so you can spend more time taking cute beach pics for Instagram and less time sweating it out in the laundry room.

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To prevent ice pop and ice cream drips

Cupcake liners

Paper or foil cupcake liners are a lifesaver when it comes to ice pops and ice cream bars. Just poke a hole into the liner with the stick holding your treat, then slide the cupcake liner up until it reaches the base. It’ll hold any drips and keep them from splashing all over you.

Beverage lids

If you have any disposable plastic beverage lids, slide them (upside down) onto your frozen treat stick through the straw hole. They’ll catch any drips and stop them from running down your arms.

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To stop ice cream cones that drip from the bottom

Start with a marshmallow

Stop that panic-inducing drip that comes out of the end of your ice cream cone by placing a mini marshmallow in the bottom of your ice cream cone before adding your scoops. You can even microwave the ‘mallow for a few seconds so it’s extra pliable when it’s placed in the cone, creating a seal against any drips.

To stop ice pop drips altogether

Gelatin ice pops

For ice pops that don’t drip at all (really!), make them with this secret ingredient: gelatin. It helps the ice pop hold its shape, and while frozen it’s still super refreshing, just like a regular ice pop.

So go forth and enjoy your favorite frozen summer treats. Your sleeves will be a little safer, but your taste buds will be just as happy.

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Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

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