What would Bobby Flay do? We asked him and got more than we expected

We got to play a game with Bobby Flay the other day, and I can’t believe he went along with it. Despite rumors that he and Giada De Laurentiis rigged Food Network Star, though, he was definitely on the up and up for this one. We were the ones playing him. We just wanted to finagle some dinner ideas and advice from Bobby. Can you blame us?

It all went down at an event where he was raising awareness of food deserts, areas where people live farther than 1 mile away from the nearest supermarket. As of 2010, almost a tenth of us live in a food desert. No joke — 29.7 million people. (Not everyone has a car, keep in mind.) And even then, I think we all know how expensive produce is compared to, say, Cup-a-Soup. So Naked Juice is partnering with an organization called Wholesome Wave to help make sure that, as founder Michel Nischan puts it, “They can afford broccoli and that Cup-a-Soup.”

What does this have to do with Bobby Flay? Hold on, we’ll get to that. First, some advice from Flay.

1. How to get your kids to eat vegetables: Start young. I know, this is the advice everyone hates to hear, because getting toddlers and preschoolers to try new foods is a royal pain. But it’s still easier than getting a teenager to start eating healthier. “We have to get the kids to start eating fresh fruit and vegetables first,” he says. “It’s kind of hard to work backwards.”

This is the guy who named a salad after his daughter, Sophie, so he must be on to something.

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2. If you’ve got artichokes, Flay recommends you make crispy artichoke hearts with lemon aioli, artichoke pizza, artichoke pasta, artichoke rice and artichoke soup.

So that game we played with Flay? We asked him to come up with five dishes you can make with a given ingredient in 10 seconds, or SheKnows Media video producer Jeff Musolino would have to take a bite out of it raw. You can see it all go down in the video below. This one went well.

3. Got clementines? Make a clementine and red onion salad or clementine jam. Oh no, that’s just two things. Poor Jeff.

4. Got lemons? You can grill lemon slices (great on fish or salad), or make lemon chiffon pie, lemon cake or lemon soup. Oops, just four there.

5. Got some avocados? Make guacamole, avocado and corn relish, avocado and pomegranate relish, avocado and radish relish… Oh, just four again. Flay doesn’t recommend eating avocado skin, but Jeff did it anyway.

6. Got carrots? Roast them, or make carrot cake, carrot soup and carrot cheesecake.

7. Got an Instagram or Twitter handle? Do something about hunger in our own backyard. Here’s where we come full circle with the real purpose of this event. Bobby Flay, along with Tom Colicchio, Common and Adrian Grenier, want you to take fruit or veggie selfies and hashtag them #DrinkGoodDoGood. The juice company will then donate the equivalent of 10 pounds of food to the people Wholesome Wave helps.

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By the way, that’s Naked Juice, not naked selfie. Keep your clothes on, weirdos. In fact, they’ll probably donate whether you keep the juice in the picture or not. I digress. The point is, take a selfie with the hashtag, and low-income folks who would gladly eat more salads will be better able to afford to.

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“It’s hard to imagine that there are places that are bare of good food,” Flay told us. Fortunately a lot of organizations like Wholesome Wave are doing something about that — and now you can too, just by doing that selfie thing we’re always doing anyway.