Take a look deep, deep inside Taco Bell's new Walking Nachos

Aug 3, 2016 at 10:57 a.m. ET

As I keep telling everyone who will listen to me at the office, walking tacos are the party snack of summer 2016. (I think they're coming around.) And guess who else knows this! Taco Bell. Their new Walking Nachos are due to hit stores in Charlotte, North Carolina, sometime this month.

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But Brand Eating got to sample the nacho snacks ahead of their debut, and they shared the evidence on Instagram.


No one cares about the bag design. Behold, Walking Nachos, interior shot!

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So that's what people in Charlotte get to try. The rest of us can buy a bag of Doritos, order a taco and dump the insides into a bag, because come on, this is not rocket science here, folks. It's August. Treat yo' self.

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This has been a public service announcement. As you were.