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The easiest way to get ketchup out of a bottle before your fries get cold


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After a lifetime of trying out dozens of carpal tunnel-inducing techniques, Heinz has finally shared the easiest way to pour ketchup out of glass bottles. And no, it’s not “trying to find a butter knife slender enough to stick through the top of the bottle then manically pumping it in and out of the bottle to try to break the seal while on the verge of tears until your dad helps you,” previously my most successful method.

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It turns out, the remedy to our collective ketchup woes is much simpler than that: just tap on the embossed “57” on the neck of the bottle. Apparently, that will perform some sort of magic that results in the ketchup finally being freed, so you can pour it with abandon over your french fries, burgers and pizza (and if you think pizza with ketchup is weird, then there is so much internet left for you to discover, you poor, sweet thing).

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Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard people smugly mention this fact at lunch while watching me try to jackhammer my way into a bottle of Heinz. But it turns out that a whopping 89 percent of us have never heard of this trick before.

Of course, the easiest way to get your ketchup onto your food is to use a plastic squeeze bottle. But when you frequent diners and dives and you know they’ve been refilling the same 10 glass bottles of Heinz for the past 40 years or so, this bit of knowledge will definitely come in handy.

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Image: Terese Condella/SheKnows

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