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Taco Bell announces even more insane junk food mashups comin’ our way soon


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Taco Bell is allegedly a Mexican fast food chain, but lately, they’ve been going literally off menu.

The chain recently announced some of the latest items they’re working on, and they’re basically just insane junk food mashups… not that I’m exactly complaining.

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First up is the Naked Chicken Chalupa. It swaps a traditional taco shell for a flat, pliable piece of fried chicken, à la KFC’s Double Down. It’s interesting to note that KFC and Taco Bell are both owned by Yum! Brands, where apparently one of the higher-ups loves replacing bread with fried chicken. And I mean, can you blame them?

The Naked Chicken Chalupa is stuffed with cheese, tomato, lettuce and avocado ranch sauce. It’s Mexican in only the vaguest sense possible, and it’s barely a chalupa, though admittedly I can totally see myself inhaling one (or like, 10) after a night on the town.

Expect to try the Naked Chalupa sometime next year.

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Next up? The sequel to the Doritos Locos taco — the Cheetos Burrito. I feel like it was only a matter of time before Cheetos (and mark my words, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos will be next) found their way onto Taco Bell’s menu, and this burrito, stuffed with crunchy Cheetos, buttered white rice, ground beef and nacho cheese, is the crowning glory of Taco Bell’s faux-Mexican junk food lineup.

Expect to try the Cheetos Burrito starting in mid-August — that’s right, in a few weeks.

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Last but not least, they’re introducing Walking Nachos. A foil bag filled with small tortilla chips will be topped with taco meat, guac, sour cream and a melted blend of three cheeses. Honestly, that sounds kind of dope. But you can’t call it anything but snack food.

This one’s also due for a rollout starting mid-August.

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I fully support Taco Bell’s insane food mashups because they’re delicious and they help push some of the more boring fast food chains in a fun new direction. But I think we can all agree that calling Taco Bell Mexican food is a misnomer — at this point, their menu is basically akin to the result of a drunk 19-year-old getting loose at the 7-Eleven nacho bar.

Before you go, check out our crazy fast food mashups slideshow below.

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Image: Inti St Claire/Getty images

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