How to eat avocado burger buns, the decadent low-carb gift from the gods

Jul 28, 2016 at 10:52 a.m. ET
Image: Colette Dike

For those of us who are sick of hearing about avocado toast, there's a refreshing new dish in town. It's the avocado burger bun, which removes bread (and carbs) from the picture entirely. And it's the creation of food stylist Colette Dike, aka @fooddeco on Instagram.

Instead of a traditional burger bun, an avocado sliced in half horizontally (not vertically) is used to sandwich a burger patty (vegetarian or otherwise). You get all the creaminess, healthy fats, and rich nutrients of avocado, and none of the simple carbs and refined grains of a traditional burger bun.

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It looks pretty cool too. But I gotta ask — how is one supposed to eat this thing? It's too tall to fit in your mouth, and you can't hold it in your fingers or they'll squish the avocado and get covered in a slippery mess. I guess it's a knife-and-fork type of deal? But when's the last time you ate a burger with silverware?

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I hate to be an avocado naysayer because I freaking love the stuff. Like, remember at the top of the article when I said for "those of us" who are sick of avocado toast? I meant those of you. Because I'm still obsessed.

So we had to ask Colette — how does she eat this thing, anyway?

"You can eat this the regular way and let it be messy," she told us, "or use a fork and knife." The main thing, she adds, is to "serve something easy to make but nice to look at and impressive at home."

So there you have it, everyone — the avocado burger is easy to make, and go 'head and be your messy selves. Eat it with your hands.

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