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The Ultimate Guide to Making the Perfect DIY Ice Cream Sandwich

We’d never say no to a store-bought ice cream sandwich, but life is just so much sweeter when you’re the master of your own ice cream sandwich destiny.

Yes, there’s something to be said for the nostalgic quality of those vanilla ice cream-filled rectangles of cardboard-y chocolate that always seem to stick to your hands (and the roof of your mouth) — all we’re trying to say is that things start to get real when you make one from scratch and add things like Girl Scout Cookies and pancakes with syrup into the mix.

Here are our favorite hacks that are gonna help you make homemade ice cream sandwiches that are total #FoodPorn.

1. Swap cookies for brownies

Instead of using chocolate chip cookies, try brownies. Slather ice cream between two brownies, and you’ve got there a dessert from heaven.

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2. Just waffle

If you love brunch, then you’re going to love this ice cream sandwich. Grab your favorite ice cream and two waffles, and make the most delicious ice cream sandwich ever.

3. Doughnuts!

Doughnut ice cream sandwich. I will say it again — doughnut ice cream sandwich. Cut a glazed doughnut in half, add two scoops of ice cream, and enjoy!

4. Hand pies

Once you’ve tried the brownies, waffles and doughnuts, it’s time for something more adventurous. Try making an ice cream sandwich with hand pies. What! This can work with strawberry, blueberry or rhubarb pie; add some ice cream in the middle of the two hand pies, and you are all set. Oh, grab as many napkins as you can.

5. Invite the Girl Scout Cookies

When Girl Scout Cookie season comes around, make an ice cream sandwich with your favorite. It will be the best ice cream creation of all time.

6. Hot and cold

How hot are the cookies in your ice cream sandwich? Not warm at all? Why is that? Don’t you know? To make the perfect ice cream sandwich, you’ll need warm cookies and super-cold ice cream. The warm cookies will slowly melt the ice cream, so you’ll have the perfect dessert.

7. The ice cream disk trick

Here is how you get a perfect round for your ice cream sandwich. Put your ice cream into plastic cups, freeze, and slice with a serrated knife. This will give you perfect little rounds for your ice cream. Or! Spread the ice cream on a cookie sheet, and cut out rounds with cookie cutters.

8. The healthy thing — womp womp

If you want to feel you’re eating a little healthier, then instead of using cookies for your ice cream sandwich, use slices of apple or apple chips. But come on, who are you fooling with that apple ice cream sandwich, really?

9. Cinnamon rolls — now that’s more like it

The next time you’re going to make cinnamon rolls, cut them in half right after you take them out of the oven, and use them for your ice cream sandwich.

10. Pancakes and maple syrup

Love a decadent breakfast? Then go a step further, and use pancakes as the sandwich base. Mix your vanilla ice cream with a little maple syrup, and make the perfect breakfast-dessert hybrid. Throw in some bacon if you’re nasty!

11. The bigger disk

If you’re making a huge batch of ice cream sandwiches, then you can cut perfect rounds by cutting horizontal slices right into the ice cream pint. Once all the rounds are cut, then you can push out the ice cream and make your yummy sandwiches.

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12. Froyo it

Ice cream sandwiches don’t always have to be made with ice cream. Use your favorite frozen yogurt — it tastes just as delicious, and it’ll be healthier. It’s a good day when you can have a “healthy” ice cream sandwich.

13. Strawberry short-cream

I’ve always been a huge fan of strawberry shortcake, and what better way to enjoy it during the summer than making a strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwich. Start with a sugared biscuit or angel food cake, and add fresh strawberries and strawberry ice cream for strawberry-filled goodness.

14. Chipotle ice cream sandwich

Healthy ice cream sandwiches do exist. You can make cookies with black beans and serve them with avocado ice cream. Healthy and delicious all in one bite does exist.

15. Churros

If you’re looking for a fun project, then make churros from scratch (in the shape of a square or circle), and fill them with sweet caramel ice cream. It will be the best batch of ice cream sandwiches you’ve ever had.

16. The great chocolate dunk

Dip your ice cream sandwiches in chocolate — lots and lots of chocolate. Just make your ice cream sandwich as you normally would, and dip half of it in melted chocolate (you can even drizzle the chocolate if you want).

17. Ice cream sandwich pops

Ice cream sandwich pops are super easy for kids to manage. Instead of giving your kids a full ice cream sandwich, cut a full sandwich into quarters or halves, and add a lollipop stick to the bottom of each piece.

18. Blueberry muffin stuffin’

If you’re out of cookies, you can use anything you have on hand. Have blueberry muffins on your countertop? Go on, make ice cream sandwiches with that. Cut off the muffin top (have that as a snack), then cut the middle of the muffin in half, and use that as the base. It’s unusually delicious!

ice cream sandwich hacks
Image: Gabriela Arellano/SheKnows

Originally published July 2016. Updated July 2017.

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