Meat popsicles are here, and they’re even weirder than what you imagine

Bone broth was literally the hottest trend this past winter, and it’s trying to make a summery comeback in a questionable way.

Springbone Kitchen in New York City is serving $4 popsicles made with beefy bone broth, coconut milk, pomegranate juice, raspberry and maple sugar.

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It makes sense that the purveyors of bone broth would try to come up with a warm-weather alternative that doesn’t involve steaming-hot cups of the stuff. But that they settled on sweet fruit ‘n’ bone broth popsicles has left me baffled. Baffled, people!

For instance, what if they worked with the meaty flavor instead of trying to cover it up? Beef broth would add a delightfully savory element to a bloody mary popsicle, pack a punch of umami into a gazpacho popsicle, and if it was infused with star anise, ginger, garlic and basil, you could make a super-refreshing pho popsicle that would probably blow some minds.

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Also? According to at least one kid, the current formula, even with all that fruit, tastes like “raw meat.”

While raw meat has its place (namely, carpaccio), lurking under the fruity flavors of something you have to constantly lick does not seem to be that place.

So what say you? I hereby call for a savory bone broth popsicle. Preferably the bloody mary version. With a splash of vodka in it, because one drink a day is, like, good for you, and bone broth is good for you, so I basically just invented the healthiest popsicle of all time. Isn’t adulthood the best?

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