What Elizabeth Falkner eats when she's too busy to cook

Aug 17, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Image: Benjamin Norman For Understand Atopic Dermatitis

When we asked celeb chef Elizabeth Falkner what she eats when she doesn't have time to cook, she hesitated a bit. You see, "no time to cook" kind of isn't a thing for her. She's a planner.

"I plan ahead, and I kind of hope that's how people are thinking about cooking," she told us. Plan ahead?!? What the... who does that? People with nothing going on in their lives?

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You could hardly say that about Falkner. Not only is she busy with media appearances, consulting and traveling for those and various other projects, she's also training for a marathon. And on top of that, she's also dealing with a condition called atopic dermatitis, which sometimes causes painful, itchy rashes on her legs and hands. Falkner is helping to raise awareness of atopic dermatitis to help other people dealing with the condition. Check out UnderstandAD.com to learn more about atopic dermatitis.

So how do you plan your cooking, especially if you're juggling so much? It helps to think of it as a treat you give yourself. "Since cooking is fun for me, I treat it as recreational time," Falkner told us. She also needs to eat healthy, balanced meals to support her busy, athletic life.

"Usually I have enough interesting things around to make my own protein drinks," she told us. "I love cashew milk right now, cocoa nibs, bee pollen, dates, almond butter or peanut butter, almond extract or vanilla extract and protein powder... that's super satisfying for me." She also makes sure to keep greens, nuts, seeds and a vinaigrette on hand for salads.

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But if that all sounds too virtuous to you, never fear. Falkner is human, like the rest of us, and loves to snack on cheese. She's also digging lobster, soft-shell crab with coconut curry and handmade pasta these days.

As for her go-to pre-workout snack? "Coffee!" Hell to the yes, Falkner. Good luck on the race.

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