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Celebrate Krispy Kreme’s birthday with this super doughnut deal


SheKnows Editorial

Krispy Kreme is turning 79, and they want us all to join in on the fun.

This Wednesday, July 13, Krispy Kreme is doling out the doughnut deal that dreams are made of: Buy a dozen doughnuts, get a second dozen of Original Glazed doughnuts for just 79 cents.

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Now that’s a deal worth celebrating! It’s also a perfect way to make new friends. Buy yourself a dozen doughnuts, and then, for just 79 cents, get a second dozen to give to a promising new acquaintance or someone you love. Share with your neighbors, co-workers and friends; drop them off at the local senior center; or bring them to a rally for social justice. Either way, the gift of cheap and tasty doughnuts is one that keeps giving.

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Or, you know, you can just buy two dozen doughnuts to happily munch all week with your morning coffee (and afternoon coffee, and evening cup of tea). Maybe you can wrap them in bacon, turn them into milkshakes or even make them into a breakfast sandwich! When doughnuts are this cheap, it pays to get a little crazy.

Krispy Kreme, July 13, 79 years young and a doughnut deal worth celebrating. I don’t think I’m alone in singing, “And many moooooore!”

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