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Pasta doesn’t make you fat — according to Italian scientists and your grandma

Good news, pasta lovers. A study of 23,000 Italian eaters found that eating pasta won’t grow your waistline — or at least, there’s no link between noodles and a bigger body mass index. La pasta non fa ingrassare, capisci? Have some more, then. Linguine for everyone! I’ll have the Penne Arrabiata followed by some Carbonara and what the hell, a chaser of Fettuccine Alfr-everything.

And if you’re totally OK with denial, if you want that to be the end of the story, if you think we should end this article at that point, please stop reading now and move on with your life. Enjoy! Life is fleeting, yet beautiful. Go, you mad adventurer, you. Go.

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Pessimists, let’s huddle. There’s more to the story. You knew this, right? My people. So, here’s the real deal.

See, Italians in Italy who eat pasta also tend to eat along the Mediterranean diet, which is big on fresh vegetables and fish. And people who eat the Mediterranean diet tend to enjoy a healthy BMI. But let me spoil this good news for you even more!

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When Italians eat pasta, it’s not really the main dish. And they eat a tiny amount. How tiny? No more than three ounces.

So, yeah, pasta won’t make you fat… as long as you eat just a tiny amount. But we knew that already.

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