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Crystal Pepsi is finally making a comeback, and these other ’90s foods should too


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Nothing screams summer like a crystal clear cola, am I right? Well, even though that’s not exactly a thing, PepsiCo is bringing a smile to ’90s nostalgia obsessives by bringing back Crystal Pepsi on Aug. 8.

The clear, caffeine-free soda was kind of a flop when it was originally released in the ’90s, but since then there’s been enough interest that the brand revived Crystal Pepsi for a few days last year. Now, finally, we’ll have time to hoard the stuff, as this go-around it’ll allegedly be available for eight weeks.

So this August, while you’re focusing on canning your tomatoes to last through the winter, you can also stock up on enough cans of Crystal Pepsi to keep you going until spring, each sip a sunshine-y reminder of better days (aka the ’90s).

Crystal Pepsi joins Surge, Hi-C Ecto Cooler and Clearly Canadian as beverages of the ’90s that are finally back or soon to be in our hands. But they aren’t the only edible ’90s treats that deserve a comeback.

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1. Dunkaroos

Ten tiny cinnamon cookies served with a vat of vanilla frosting… snack time truly peaked in the ’90s.

2. Rice Krispies Treats cereal

Literally there never has been and never will be a cereal better than Rice Krispies Treats cereal.

3. Doritos 3D

I can still remember the airy crunch of the original Doritos 3D like it was yesterday. They just tasted cheesier, you know?

4. SqueezIt juice

I could trade my SqueezIt at lunch for basically anything I wanted. They were the cafeteria’s hottest commodity (aside from pizza Lunchables, of course).

5. Planters Cheez Balls

Nothing says “mindless snacking” to me like a canister of these cheesy, crunchy bad boys.

6. Oreo O’s

Clearly I was #blessed to live during the ’90s, the true renaissance period of sugary cereals.

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7. Orbitz

My social studies teacher collected these sodas with weird floaties, and yet we still thought Orbitz was cool.

8. String Thing

String Thing was like if Twizzler Pull ‘n’ Peel and Fruit by the Foot had a baby… and then you really wanted to eat the baby.

9. Colored ketchup

I’m not sure whose idea purple and green ketchup was, but I want to shake their damn hand.

10. The original Wonder Ball

Sure, Wonder Ball is still available, but it’s full of candy. I miss the potential choking hazard kind that had a toy inside, à la Kinder Surprise.

11. Keebler Pizzarias

The difference between these and other pizza-flavored snacks was that Pizzarias actually tasted exactly like pizza. Keebler somehow had the magic formula, and now it is lost to the ’90s.

12. Carnation Breakfast Bars

Breakfast was so easy in the ’90s — your choice of sugary cereal or a complete meal in a single granola bar.

13. Butterfinger BB’s

I definitely ate these only because Bart Simpson was in the commercial.

14. Crispy M&M’S

I feel that mysterious “crisp” was the true star of candy in the ’90s, and these M&M’S made the most of it.

15. Pop-Tarts Crunch cereal

Sugary cereal that tastes like a sugary breakfast pastry? There’s nothing in 2016 that can compare.

Hey, if Crystal Pepsi can do it, who’s to say these other drinks and snacks can’t?

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