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KFC just created the adult equivalent of a Happy Meal

To file under “inventions you never knew you needed,” KFC India is holding a Facebook giveaway for a meal box that doubles as a phone charger. You read that right. Colonel Sanders wants to fill your belly and your phone battery. Just plug the removable lithium-ion battery into the box, and hook up your USB cord. You can enjoy your chicken and your Facebook news feed at the same damn time.

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Sadly the KFC meal box charger is only available for limited sale in Delhi and Mumbai, not to the public in the United States. Apparently we don’t deserve such delicious tech-gadgety goodness.

But what if it were available? It would have to be the ultimate millennial inner kid fantasy for your lunchbox to charge your phone. Would you take it to work? A romantic summer picnic? Imagine this: You are on a picnic in the park, getting ready to take an Instagram photo of your KFC meal, when you notice your smartphone battery is teetering on 1 percent. Never fear! You have your chicken lunchbox with a USB charger just for times like this. You plug it in and safely take that #foodie pic for the ‘Gram.

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The KFC meal box charger is the adult equivalent of a random toy like the decoder ring that came in cereal boxes and Happy Meals. You never knew you wanted a temporary tattoo until Burger King put it in your meal bag. Tiny plastic figurines would end up lost by the end of the week. Your dog would chew up the infrared 3-D glasses. Admit it — those cheap toys were cool only because they were free, just like the KFC chicken charger box.

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Clearly someone indulged their fun side at KFC’s marketing department and created their dream Happy Meal toy. I’m as internet addicted as the next person, but a phone charger lunchbox wouldn’t be my first choice. Go big or go home, people. On my adult Happy Meal wish list:

  • A high-heeled shoe that converts to a ballet flat
  • A universal remote to turn down the volume on my toddler
  • A mini recipe book for chai lattes
  • A poster of Jesse Williams
  • A pack of Champagne-flavored gummy bears

What would you put in your adult Happy Meal? On second thought, I carry my charger everywhere. Judging by the way I hug a wall at restaurants when my phone is on E, maybe I really could use that special meal box. Would you use the KFC charger in public? People might look at you funny, but some of us like to have our chicken and tweet it too.

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