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Someone needs to tell you: You’re drinking the wrong-colored Starbucks drink


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Are you currently sipping one of Starbucks’ Pink or Purple Drinks, enjoying the cool refreshment on a hot summer’s day? Spit it out. Toss your cup. And run, don’t walk, to the nearest Starbucks so you can try the new Orange Drink.

Yes, the Starbucks rainbow drink craze is continuing, this time with the Orange Drink.

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Orange Drink is a tropical refresher made with orange-mango juice, two scoops of powdered vanilla bean flavoring and coconut milk. Think creamsicle. It basically sounds like a drinkable ice pop, which is the perfect summer sipping situation. Personally, I can’t wait to try one, but it might be wise to measure my fangirl expectations.

That’s because, since these colorful drinks have been user-generated and aren’t on actual Starbucks menus, there’s a lot of room for error when ordering a drink. I mean, this isn’t Pantone — there’s going to be some variance in the hues of the beverages, especially considering your harried barista likely has enough on their plate without perusing the internet before work to see which newly invented drink recipe they should try to memorize before starting their shift.

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Sadly, hearts have been broken over these discrepancies. One writer trying to order the Purple Drink was handed something that was more of a dark pink not once, but twice. Now, Pink Drink is one thing, but Purple Drink that’s actually pink? It may not seem like a big deal, but when you’ve been dying to Instagram the latest food trend and what you get looks like last week’s beverage of the moment instead, it’s crushing. Crushing, I tell you! Because if you can’t Instagram it, did it really happen at all?

There’s also the fact that the latest drink is orange. If you mess up a Purple or Pink Drink, they’ll probably still end up pretty, but Orange? It could wind up mustard yellow, a bile green or worse. The Green Drink (black tea with matcha and coconut milk) and the Blue Drink (Passion Iced Tea with soy milk and vanilla syrup) seem similarly iffy.

Are we setting ourselves up for disappointment? Maybe. But true fans of Starbucks and Instagram food trends (I’m talking about myself here) know that there’s no rest for the thirsty, so we’ll be picking up an Orange Drink and trying to complete the Starbucks rainbow trifecta, no matter what the emotional cost.

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