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People love Starbucks’ Purple Drink, but no one actually knows what it is


SheKnows Editorial

It seems like Starbucks’ Pink Drink just became a thing, but there’s already a new sheriff in town — and it’s purple.

Instagram has been blowing up with pictures of the new Starbucks Purple Drink. It’s a “secret menu” option that has a dark purple hue. And a violet hue. And a sort of pinky-purple fuchsia hue…

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That’s because no one can decide what it actually is. Secret menu items at Starbucks aren’t official, so each barista kind of has to make it up as they go. Sometimes when a customer asks for a secret menu item, the barista has never even heard of it, and if the customer doesn’t know the recipe, they just have to wing it. So far the common denominator seems to be that Purple Drink contains blackberries. Other than that? Anything goes.

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There’s Purple Drink with Berry Hibiscus or Passion Iced Tea, Purple Drink with coconut milk or soy milk and Purple Drink with or without a pump of vanilla.

Also, it apparently contains caffeine, so though it’s pretty, you may be better off not giving it to little kids.

Whatever it’s made out of, people can’t get enough. I had the Pink Drink a while ago, and it was pretty good (if a little sweet), so I’m definitely intrigued. I’m also excited that both Pink and Purple Drink seem to be vegan. Having a lighter, nondairy alternative to the Frappuccino is just what my summer needed.

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