Burger King’s latest Cheetos-infused snack is bizarrely appealing

Burger King’s propensity for food mashups (here’s looking at you, Fiery Chicken Fries) has just gone way too far. It has started selling Mac n’ Cheetos, a deep-fried snack that sounds like something that would be created if Paula Deen dropped one of her recipes into a vat of nuclear waste.

They’re basically mozzarella sticks, but instead of mozzarella, you have mac ‘n’ cheese, and instead of breadcrumbs, they’re coated in Cheetos. Yeah. Cheetos.

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While part of me (like my hair-trigger acid reflux) is repulsed that this is a thing you can actually buy at a restaruant and not just the 1 a.m. stoner meal created by your friendly college weed dealer, another part is strangely intrigued.

Doritos Locos tacos at Taco Bell are another instance where a cheesy, crispy snack was used in a fast-food mashup, and there it worked so well that I don’t think anyone even bothers to order the plain-shelled tacos anymore.

But there’s something about BK’s new release that feels even more out there. Maybe it’s because of the ooey-gooey, mac ‘n’ cheesy center? Maybe it’s because, unlike tacos, there are literally no vegetables and no non-orange elements to the dish?

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Surprisingly, Mac n’ Cheetos clock in at just 310 calories per 5-pack, so if you do break down and try them, you’re not blowing your recommended daily allowance with one meal (though never has it seemed more important to realize that calories aren’t everything when it comes to nutritious eating!). And they’ll set you back only $2.49, which seems a fair price to pay for a snack that will probably wreak intestinal havoc on you for a few hours.

Mac n’ Cheetos will be available nationwide for a limited time — about eight weeks or until supplies run out — beginning on June 27.

If you happen to miss your chance to try this ultimate drunken munchy, fear not: Now that Burger King has a partnership with Frito Lay, who knows what bizarro mashups we’ll see in the future?

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